Most drug dealers are not prosecuted in overdose deaths. There are 7 overdose deaths a day in the state of Florida. Most of our children will never see justice because the laws are not enforced.

" One party + one pill could equal the death of your child or someone else's. Law enforcement needs to enforce the laws "





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Listed below are the shocking statements that were made to myself (Rhiannon's mom) and her sister Genevieve at the day we arrived at the house she was found dead and after. Rhiannon was treated like a homeless drug addict.

On the day Rhiannon was found dead April 8th, 2010 Genevieve arrived 1st on the scene. After seeing that this was true and her sister was truly in the house dead, she sunk to her knee's in horror and cried.
Investigator Horzepa after asking Genevieve a few questions was very adamant in not believing Genevieve that Rhiannon lived with Genevieve at the apartment and was on the lease but instead believed the occupant (obvious drug dealer) who said that she lived there at the house with him.

He went on to tell her that "they (meaning the people at the house) said she (Rhiannon) had problems and that she was really depressed."

At some point Gen said they started to tape her because she was very very upset that nothing she said seemed to make a difference. Even when she told them that her sister wouldn't do drugs that would kill her & this was all of her character, made no difference.

Investigator Graves kept telling Genevieve that "Rhiannon lived at the house she was found found dead at." Genevieve had to keep insisting that she did NOT but lived with her. She told him that Rhiannon had just paid rent a few days before and had always been home, watching out for her in the parking lot coming in from work or staying at my house (mom) on my days off, or spending time with her boyfriend David. Told him she was never out and missing for days or weeks.

Investigator Horzepa also never believed Rhiannon had a boyfriend (but said the occupant of the house (obvious drug dealer) said he was "seeing" her.

Investigator Horzepa told Genevieve, "You know your sister had a traffic record" (trying to discredit Rhiannon to her sister Gen) Genevieve told him, "My own traffic record is worse than Rhiannon's." Genevieve stated she was made to feel like Rhiannon was a very bad person by investigator and detective during the conversations that day and they appeared to believe the people who lived at that house and his friends the day she was found dead.

The day after Rhiannon was found dead, April 9th, 2010, Genevieve started frantically calling sheriff dept in the morning asking if a rape kit was done. Investigator Graves asked her on the phone, "Why would we do that"?

On the same day, April 9th, 2010 at around 3pm at the VCSO in the 3rd district Genevieve and Damien (Rhiannon's twin brother) went up to demand that a rape kit be done (since there were condoms found next to the bed where Rhiannon was found dead and "naked" - as told to me by Investigator Horzepa. Investigator Graves assured them that a rape kit would be done, but later to find out, it never was. Genevieve called Tara the medical examiner assistant. She told Genevieve investigators never requested a rape kit be done.

Detective Graves talked to Genevieve and Damien. The meeting was being recorded that day during that time. Detective Graves started to yell at Damien at which time Damien left the room. Detective Graves then said to Genevieve, "Did you really think that all four of you would make it past 20 years old?" Gen is not sure of the tape was turned off at the time.

On April 8th 2010 I arrived at the house my daughter Rhiannon was found dead at. Genevieve and her older brother Ian were already there. Damien (Rhiannon's twin) was in Virginia Irish Dancing in a show at Busch Gardens. I was in shock but as a nurse for 30 years I wanted to go in and see my daughter, see if it was true, to see what condition she was in, what color she was, how paramedics handled her, items around her..... I had was just with her the night before. I found it completely impossible that this happened.

I was approached by Investigator Horzepa, I asked him, "What happened"? He stated to me, "It looks like an accidental overdose". I stated to him shocked, "what". Investigator Horzepa stated to me, "they said that her and Amanda showed up at the house at around 2am, Amanda was a level 5 and Rhiannon was a level 9." I stated, "this is impossible, she would never drive her truck being that messed up like you said. I just seen her last night for a little over an hour after my shift, she left me at 1:20am, she was fine, she left me to pick up Amanda because she was stranded, then they were going to Alex's house, there must have been a party, who gave her the pills"? Investigator Horzepa stated, "They (the occupant and his friends) said that all the drugs were hers." Investigator stated, "Alex said he went in to wake her up at 6:30 am but couldn't, so he left. Then he changed his story to us and said he tried to wake her up but she was snoring, so he left". I stated, "But you told me everyone left the house after they put her to bed." Investigator Horzepa stated, "Alex said his grandfather lives there and he doesn't like girls staying over. Alex had to work in the morning so he had to make sure she was gone so his grandfather wouldn't see her".

Investigator Horzepa stated, "They said she had a lot of problems". I stated, "She lived with her sister, they had a fight, what problems? They fought before. She was staying with this new friend Amanda for a few days after a party she went to. I've been talking to Rhiannon all along, I was with Rhiannon last night after I got out of work, then she got a text from a new friend she's met a the party went to help her. Rhiannon told me her name was Amanda. Rhiannon said she had just gotten thrown out by her boyfriend." Investigator Horzepa then said to me, " You know your daughter had quite an extensive traffic record" I stated to him, "Her sister's is worse". Feeling worse and worse, I'm thinking..... what is this guy trying to say to me, what is he trying to imply? Meanwhile the occupant of the house and his friends were standing off to the side on the other side of the house looking scared, no one was crying. I asked Investigator Horzepa, "Did you talk with these people? I mean really talk with these people"? He said they did.

Investigator Horzepa stated, "She was naked" I stated, "There's no way Rhiannon is taking off her clothes anywhere, she was just getting over her period, her tampons were on the front seat of the truck, I seen them last night". Investigator Hprzepa stated to me, "Maybe they wanted to make her comfortable." I stated to him, "No way would she let that happen, she's not taking off her clothes anywhere." Investigator Horzepa stated, "There was a black guy here too." I stated, "Did he have sex with my daughter too while she was passed out"? Investigator Horzepa stated to me, "Alex said he had sex with her, but not that night, the night before, but it was consensual". I said, "How do you know it was the night before? You just said there were condoms next to her, if she was passed out it was not consensual." Investigator Horzepa stated to me, "They said she was a lesbian". I stated, "She had a boyfriend David, he's works at my job." I thought - did she say that to them because she was scared? Then Investigator Horzepa stated to me, "They an found empty plastic wrapper on the front seat of her truck". I stated, "Her bag of food we went shopping for was there last night". I looked in her truck. Her bag of food was on the floor, and her purse was on the seat" I asked Investigator Horzepa, "Where is her wallet"? He stated, "Her bank card and cell phone were next to her body on the bed". Investigator Horzepa stated to me, "They put her to bed after she got there and then they said they all left the house." I stated to Investigator Horzepa, "Someone drove her truck after she passed out". Thinking to myself......she never left her bank card out of her wallet, and she always took her purse everywhere she went. She'd never leave her food in the truck of her purse, and in 40 mins she goes from driving and fine to a level 9 and still driving? These people are lying. I asked Investigator Horzepa, "So no one is getting arrested"? He stated, "they said all the drugs were hers" I stated, "Someone is lying or they all are". Investigator Horzepa stated, "It was an accident". I started to getting very mad through the shock. I looked at the occupant and "friends" on the other side of the house. I couldn't understand why they weren't being questioned or even bought to the police station. I wanted to see my daughter. I couldn't believe this. Investigator Graves also said to me: "They (meaning Rhiannon and Genevieve) don't even look like sister's".

My fiancee had just showed up by then from his job at Lockeed Martin. We both watched as evidence was being taking out of the house in little plastic bags. I asked Investigator Fortin, "Are there any labels on those vials"? He stated "No" then pulled them out from the bags to show us. Later at a meeting Investigators would tell me that Alex had prescriptions for Oxycodone and Xanax. There were no labels on the vials they took from the house that day. Rhiannon had never had prescriptions for those two drugs in her life. She had 2 physicals that year, one with US Army for entry and one by our own MD.

Damien went back to Virginia and called Investigator Horzepa multiple times. He never returned his calls.

The day I went to the funeral home to pick up my daughter's belongings I received a bag. Inside the bag was the clothes of a 225lb man consisting of a huge old sleeveless tee shirt and a huge pair of denim shorts..... I panicked. Where's my daughter's clothes? This was a police investigation. Wasn't it? A suspicious death as stated by the police report code number. My daughter's clothes were gone, her socks sneakers, underwear, belt everything!!!! I called Investigator Horzepa in a panic. Spoke to his secretary. Had to call back for 3 more days until he finally called me back. I yelled!!! "Where's my daughter's clothes??? The clothes I'd seen her in the night before"? Investigator Horzepa stated, " Maybe they (occupants of the house) threw them out." I was so mad. I stated, "You mean to tell me you never collected them as evidence, or the sheets, or condoms for DNA if she was raped by multiple people, you said some black guy was there, how many people were there? There was a party and there were drugs and they weren't hers". Investigator Horzepa stated, "Maybe those people have her clothes". I couldn't believe the police or medical examiner never collected her clothes. Right after I hung up, my medical director, Rhiannon's and my family physician called me in shock and disbelief.

In the months that followed during "the investigation". Genevieve and I went to a meeting at the evidence building and met with Investigator Graves. During my interview with him and my questions for him I asked him, "So, if no one was home after my daughter was put to bed, and investigators said they "found empty plastic wrapper in the front seat of Rhiannon's truck, did you do finger prints on her steering wheel to see who was driving her truck? And investigators stated they found condoms next to my daughter, did you test those condoms for DNA"? He leaned over to me and stated, "I can't tell you much, but Alex's brother Billy said he was home, he could have had sex with your daughter, and there was some black guy." Then Investigator Fortin came in. I asked him, "So, what drugs did you find at Alex's house." Investigator Graves had to refresh him memory of the case and location. Investigator Fortin said, "Oh ton's of drugs, tons... crack, coke, oxy's, meth, xannies. I stated to investigator Fortin, "Really? The preliminary toxicology report shows she died from Oxycodone and Alprazolam (xanax) toxicity. None of those other drugs were in her system, therefore "all the drugs weren't hers and she didn't take them." Investigator Fortin kept working and didn't acknowledge what I said. (After Rhiannon's case was closed I found out, as stated on the final investigative report that the lab never tested anything they found, not the wrappers, not the vials, nothing. It stated on the final investigative report.) I asked Investigator Graves that day, "So, what do you need to arrest these people"? Investigator Graves stated, "She would have had to have a pre-existing condition for us to arrest someone in her death." Genevieve and I looked at each other in disbelief.

I gathered up cell phone records of calls and texts of Rhiannon's phone for those weeks prior to her death for the sheriff's dept. I obtained cell phone carrier info for the other phones of the people that were around her the morning she was found dead. I even went on facebook and found "Amanda" to try and get information from "Amanda" to play it off like I was trying to be her friend to get info of Rhiannon's fateful night. I checked the job details of the Volusia County Medical Examiner and the Victim's information section of the Volusia County Sheriff's dept. I had friends running background checks and running license plate numbers on the people around my daughter the day she was found dead. Genevieve went to the records department and obtained all the records on these people that were with Rhiannon that night, and then, I saw Alex' record. I was stunned. The primary resident of the house, the one "that couldn't wake her up" had an huge drug arrest record. I made copies of everything I could and went back up to the sheriff's dept and handed them in, highlighting important points. But Alex' drug arrest record... he was the dealer hands down. Amanda, records for battery, petit theft, forged check.... makes sense.... that's why Rhiannon's bank card was found next to her body.... Amanda probably took it when Rhiannon was passed out.... or they gave her the drugs so she would pass out so they could take her card.

I called the sheriff's dept and wanted to know why I wasn't contacted by the Victim's Advocate. They gave me a phone number and a few weeks later she came to my house. The job of the Victim's Advocate is to keep the family of the victim informed of everything that is going on with the victims case. I handed her paper's of questions and factual information that I wanted to be taken into consideration and answers I so desperately needed. I informed her that I was never interviewed by the VCSO at all, ever, about my daughter, her character, nor did they formally interview any of our family or real friends, or boyfriend. I wanted to know what kind of investigation is this? I was mad. She didn't say much. I continued to show her that since Rhiannon's passing I've gotten a lot of information about overdose deaths from many sites including the FBI's site and how and overdose investigation should be conducted. I asked her, "I want to know how investigator's are conducting my daughter's overdose investigation? I asked if she she knew the laws in the state of Florida and the Federal laws and that if someone provided a controlled substance to someone and it's not prescribed but sold, given or shared to them, it is murder and many other laws. She didn't say much to this, but acknowledged what I was saying. She left. I never got phone calls about Rhiannon's case from her at all, about anything. When I called a few weeks later, they gave me the phone number to call Hospice. They said "they offered counseling."

After calling Tara from the medical examiner's office multiple times over many months, showing her laws, wanting to know why it is not considered a homicide, I wanted a meeting with the medical examiner that performed my daughter's autopsy. We had the meeting. I made him answer two points. Dr. Bulic agreed that "when the lungs fill up with fluid during overdose in addition with being left lying overdosing for over 9 hours condition can be: acute bronchial pneumonia. Then I asked him, "why wasn't a rape kit done on my daughter? Dr. Bulic stated, "There was no trauma to the body." I made a point to him stating, "If someone is passed out and can't fight back, isn't it true there may not be any notable trauma?" Dr. Bulic agreed.

In October 2010 I read what public files I could obtain from the records dept that they were closing Rhiannon's case and doing it without warning to us at all. I demanded a meeting. I went with 12 inches of files containing laws, FBI overdose investigation procedures, (VCSO couldn't produce one for me when I asked them for a copy of their overdose death investigation procedure), similar cases. Rhiannon's boyfriend David was there, Genevieve, my finacee. State Attorney Davis was there. State Att Davis stated at the meeting that they can't use the laws because there was more than one drug in her system. I told him I have lot's of copies of Florida cases where they did prosecute and convict. I demanded that my daughter's case be reopened. I showed them the laws. At that meeting were Captain Melady, Sgt Thoman, Sgt Kelly, State Att Davis. They were all in agreement when Sgt Kelly said, "We need a witness and no one will talk." I told them as law enforcement that can use leverage like purgery, obstruction of justice. Sgt Thoman stated, "We don't even know where they live" I stated, "Really? I have copies of everything, where they work, where they live, printouts from their lastest facebooks stating where they're moving to, cell phone numbers, 3 cell phones for Alex- obviously the drug dealer" They were mad. They reopened her case.

At that meeting the sheriff's were all in agreement that Alexander Wright was being watched by the narcotics division after Rhiannon was found dead. But that's impossible, because 2 months after Rhiannon was found dead, Alex Wright, on a "whim stop", found to have violated probation, was arrested for possession of drugs and violation of probation. The violation of probation seemed to be very important to them, not the drugs, because State Att Davis called me up to tell me. Here I thought he was arresting Alex for the death of my daughter.

I continued to check on more records for the reopened case. I checked the facebooks of the people around Rhiannon that night to see they were mad about investigators coming out and asking them questions about "that girl". I was shocked to find that on March 17th 2011 it looked like that had closed Rhiannon's case with no warning to us. I called the VCSO to find out why. Genevieve called for days to find out if Rhiannon's case was closed or not. On April 8th, we were leaving flowers in front of the house where my daughter was found dead, it had been one year and no justice. Newspaper reporters recorded history of this sad event. As it ended, the VCSO called my daughter. It was Sgt Thoman, he stated to Genevieve, "Yes, it is closed, we don't have time to call you to let you know because we're too busy!!!!" Genevieve sat in the car and cried. How awful is that.

VCSO lied to me. I was told at the meeting. Rhiannon's case was never handled by the Narcotics Division. Nor was it ever handled by the State Attorney's homicide unit in Daytona. It wasn't even entered in the data base there as stated by FDLE field agent Scott Piterka in January 2012. Overdose cases are treated like this.... just another overdose. Blame the victim. No justice.

Our last meeting was in April 2011 and stacked with arrogance and attitude against us. They didn't want to hear about the laws. They told us that Alex had prescriptions for Oxycodone and Xanax. They all agreed that "They know Alex is the dealer and they know he gave Rhiannon the drugs". I wanted to know then, why can't they arrest him. They said, "We just can't". I asked them if he was a paid confidential informant. They got very defensive.

After that last meeting in April, where they would not reopen Rhiannon's case, Alex Wright was now listed in our brand new data base! He'd been buying Oxycodone's by the 100's at the end of 2010 and in 2011. And no one was watching him.






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