Rhiannon had no clue who these people really were.



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Here's the arrest record of Alexander Wright, who had prescriptions for the same pills coincidentally Rhiannon died from. He continued to obtain prescriptions for Oxycodone by the 100's and Xanax after Rhiannon passed away. No one was watching him even after I'd been to the Sheriff's office concerning the circumstantial evidence for an arrest. He lived at the residence owned by his grandfather in Ormond Beach, Florida. The latest arrest of Alexander Wright in 2012 as The Doggy Door Burgler of a disabled woman. He was caught on camera stealing her hidden firearm, jewelry and money.
Here's the arrest record for Amanda Vargovich-McCague-Padilla at the time Rhiannon passed away. She kept texting Rhiannon to come pick her up because she was stranded, Rhiannon finally left me to go save Amanda. Amanda then led my daughter to the house where she was found dead. Rhiannon's bank card was found near her body. She also took Rhiannon to go sign up for food stamps and have them sent to Amanda's address because by the looks of her criminal records she was a embezzler, thief and con-artist. She has more arrests recently over the last few years. Please look her up at Police Arrests on the Web.
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Here's arrest record for Stephen Padilla at the time Rhiannon passed away in 2010. He had just kicked his girlfriend Amanda out of the house. Amanda had begged Rhiannon for a ride after he kicked her out. He sent Rhiannon a text before he kicked Amanda out predicting her demise. His text said: "This is GOD, if you are reading this you have missed the rapture, Big G". Rhiannon didn't recognise the phone number and said out loud: "Who the f*ck is this". It's obvious he got Rhiannon's phone # from Amanda. He was at the house the night she died. He has more arrests recently. Please look him up at Police Arrests on the web. Here's the arrest record of William Wright who admitted to giving Rhiannon a beer though no alcohol was found in her toxicology. He is the brother of Alexander Wright and lived at the residence. Prior to this, he was arrested in the beating death of a black man though oddly never convicted. He was there at the house observing Rhiannon stumbling around and sick but did nothing.







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